Rubber Moulding

Moulding To Your Exact Requirement

Using compression and transfer techniques we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

Combine this experience with our in-house CNC tool making, rubber  compounding facilities and extensive fabrication supplies and we will  provide you with
the complete rubber solution.

  • Tooling —we offer a full tool making service, including provision of prototype tooling should you need to test your design before full production.  All we need is a CAD file, pdf drawing or sketch.
  • Compound choice—with three on-site mixing mills we are able to control compound costs to your benefit.  We offer a full range of material      specifications, hardness and colours to suit.
  • Manufacture—our range of fully automated moulding machines ensures a high quality product and finish are supplied.
  • Quality—we are proud to state that J Coker Ltd is certified to ISO 9001:2015.  Our accreditation body, ACS Registrars, are accredited by UKAS.

Choice Of Compounds

The choice of rubber compound is up to you.  Whether you are looking for: abrasion or tear resistance; elongation break or compression set;     extreme operating temperatures; flame retardancy or strength—there will be a compound to suit.

Our stock moulding compounds include:

  • EPDM

Speciality Moulding

We are able to offer speciality moulding services including:

  • Rubber to metal bonding—from large items including wheels, bandsaw wheels and pipe/flange coating;
  • Rubber bonding to electronic components;
  • Rubber bonding to extrusion.

Speciality Silicone – FR 8700 U

We stock all grades of the heat cure silicone FR 8700 U by Elkem.

This silicone is designed to manufacture parts for fire resistant               applications.  It is especially used for rolling stocks and any flexible  moulded items that need to combine high fire performance with low smoke emission.

  • Good heat stability up to 200oC;
  • Excellent fire resistance;
  • LSFOH: Low Smoke Free of Halogen;
  • Non toxic and non corrosive smokes;
  • Tested to EN 45545 Part 2 (fire protection of railway vehicles;
  • Material stocked as standard in all 3 grades: FR8775 U, FR8760 U and FR8750 U.

Quality and Traceability

J Coker Ltd are certified to ISO 9001:2015 via our accreditation body, The British Assessment Bureau

As a designated ‘critical supplier’ to a number of key customers, we are used to working to scheduled deadlines.

Any product can be supplied with Certificate of Conformity and Material Test Reports.

Our internal systems are designed and proven to offer full traceability from compound—to moulding—to despatch.

Product Showcase

J Coker Ltd manufactures a range of tail board buffers including the double ended, top hat and hovis style.

Designed to offer high impact shock protection to protect vehicles and property. The buffers are commonly used in the tail lift industry to be fixed to tailboards and tailgates. They can also be fixed to walls, bollards, columns and docking bays preventing damage to vehicles and property.

All the buffers are made from high quality, durable black natural rubber suitable for long term outdoor use and weather aging as well as absorbing high impacts.

The buffers can be fixed to any surface using the counter sunk holes.  They offer an effective and affordable solution to prevent vehicle damage, building repairs and maintenance.