Casting Discs

Organic & Silicone Discs – All Grades & Sizes

We manufacture our own range of rubber and silicone casting discs for centrifugal casting.

Used by the giftware and model craft industries, our casting discs withstand the heat and pressure required for white metal casting in the manufacture of figurines, pewterware and other gifts.

High heat silicone formulations developed to withstand higher pouring temperatures of zinc and resin.

Traditional Black Organic Discs
  • Range Of Formulations To Suit
  • Various Shore A Hardnesses To Suit
  • Easy To Peel Laminations
  • Good Flow Rubber
  • Minimal Distortion
Silicone Discs
  • Offer increased production through longer life
  • Easy to produce moulds with putty like consistency
  • Greater spin life expectancy
  • Strong and durable
  • Available in low temperature, general purpose and high heat formulations
Full Range of Casting Accessories
  • Location studs
  • Dusting Chalk
  • Swann Morton Craft blades and handles
  • Silicone Release agent & cleaning solvents
  • Made to measure mould cans
Grade Features
Good all round organic disc for detail and undercuts. 60 IRHD
Grade 50
Soft and highly pliable organic disc. 50 IRHD
Grade 60
Average hardness organic disc with good shrinkage, 60 IRHD
Grade 70
Strong organic disc with high heat resistance. 70 IRHD
New organic disc with enhanced heat properties and tear strength. 75 IRHD
Available in CREAM (70 IRHD) and GREY (60 IRHD). All the benefits of easy mould making plus low cure temperature of 90 degC
All the benefits of silicone mould making at cure temperature to match organic rubber
All the benefits of Low Temperature cure silicone but formulated to spin with higher heat metal and resin.
Custom Casting Disc Examples
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